Receive cash deposits without waiting

Instantly receive cash and mobile money payments from your customers into your Julaya account.

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Receive cash deposits without waitingReceive cash deposits without waiting

Cash deposits have never been so fast

Collection network throughout IVORY COAST

More than 14,000 physical collection points in Ivory Coast


Receive deposits into your account instantly with no hidden charges. Zero caps.

Securing funds

Fewer risks associated with cash handling.

Real-time monitoring

View transactions on your Julaya account.

How to deposit cash payments on Julaya

How to deposit cash payments on Julaya

  • 1. Collect cash payments
  • 2. Deposit the money at a collection point
  • 3. Your Julaya account is credited

They’ve chosen and recommend Julaya

With Julaya, I can allocate a till to each shop that collects money and check the activity of my shops. The transfers to the bank account are fast, they are done in 24 hours. I can now give my suppliers a clear payment deadline

Julaya's collection tool allows us to make sellers more accountable because, as soon as cash is paid, we see it immediately in the Casamançaise's Julaya account.

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We chose Julaya because we needed a solution that would allow us to repatriate funds as quickly as possible and that would be easily adopted by our various customers across the country.

More than 4000professionals use julaya

You too can simplify your cash receipts

Collect payments from all over the country, with no cap.