Manage your account signing policy easily

Configure your account to distribute access between you and your collaborators. Delegate payments to your team while maintaining control over the payment validation process. Save time with our beneficiary system.

Manage your account signing policy easilyManage your account signing policy easily
Set Up Account Security

You can define different access and signature rights for your account and sub-wallets.

Delegate Your Payments

Set limits and manage the payment capacity of each member of your team, granting them different authorizations to make them independent and free up your time.

Save Time

Save beneficiaries to simplify your money transfers, associate sub-wallets with your beneficiary lists, and reduce the risk of errors.

Maintain Access Control

Deactivate a user during their absence. They won't be able to perform any actions on the platform until their account is reactivated.

to the Core

strong authentification
Securing your finances:

Double authentication to protect your account and transfers.


Customizable access and validation levels.

payment rules

Rules and payment limits for each member of your team.


We were looking for a solution that would save us time and, above all, be secure.

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