About us

Julaya's story

Julaya, or “trade” in the bambara language of West Africa, was founded by Charles Talbot and Mathias Léopoldie in 2018. After launching a mobile payment solution in Mali and Burkina Faso for Lemon Way Africa, the two Lemon Way alumni decided to go deeper and create a full-fledged mobile money application to serve the needs of traders and small-to-medium sized companies. These companies were struggling to transfer or accept payments from one mobile money operator to another. Existing solutions were complicated and expensive. Thus, Julaya was born, making it possible to unite cash, bank payments, and mobile money payments on one platform. Today, the platform is operational in Côte d’Ivoire, Sénégal, and Bénin.

The Product team

The Product Team, a group of curious and motivated technology lovers, push tirelessly to provide the features that our clients know and love today, as well as the features of tomorrow.

The Field team

In the center of Abidjan, our experts answer every administrative and banking question to provide the best user experience possible.

An office in Sénégal

Find our team in Dakar. We would be glad to guide you through our financial services platform dedicated to companies.

An office in Benin

From the Fidjrossè district, our team is ready to assist you in simplifying your transactions.