Increase efficiency with sub-wallets

Multi-companies accounts and sub-wallets allow you to quickly structure and organize your financial management for your subsidiaries and payment points.

Increase efficiency with sub-walletsIncrease efficiency with sub-wallets
Organize Your Transactions

Structure your payments on the platform using multiple sub-wallets.

sub-wallet Autonomy

Make each sub-wallet autonomous by associating one or more users who will have access only to the chosen portfolio.


Centralize and manage payments for your subsidiaries from a single Julaya account.

More Clarity

Access a sub-wallet history 24/7.

Organize your expenses with sub-wallets

Organize your expenses with sub-wallets
  • Create a sub-wallet for each of your branches, stores, warehouses, construction sites, and more.
  • Have clear visibility of transactions on these different sub-wallets.
  • Save time on your reporting.


Thanks to sub-wallets, each construction site has its own wallet, allowing me to know exactly what I spend on each of my projects.

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