Simplify your accounting management

A complete report of your transactions on the platform. An accounting export that will save you time. Compatible with the tools you use every day

Simplify your accounting managementSimplify your accounting management

Efficiently track
transactions on the platform

Complete and unlimited accounting export

Consult the complete payment history of all your accounts and cards, accessible online 24 hours a day on both mobile and desktop.

Compatible with all your tools

Export your transaction history in the format of your choice (xls,csv,qif) for easy import into your accounting tool.

Your digital payment receipts

No more wasting time: digital receipts are automatically generated for each transaction on the Julaya platform.

Save time with filters

Save precious time with filtered exports of transactions, giving you quick access to key information by status, period and type of transaction.

Makes day-to-day financial management easier

Makes day-to-day financial management easier
  • Detailed transaction history.
  • Accuracy of information.
  • Saving time for finance teams.
  • Genuine support for day-to-day accounting management.


The different export formats are practical and save us time when entering the wallets.

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Simplified accounting management.